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UCC repairs luxury vehicles and imports.

We Repair Luxury Vehicles and Imports

On the road, you drive cautiously to protect yourself and your vehicle. But, after you get in an accident, will you take the same precautions? If you want your vehicle restored to manufacturer specifications (for safety and value-retention), trust Universal Collision Centre. With our extensive training, first-class equipment, and strict, seven-step process, we’re the natural choice for repairing luxury vehicles of any make or model, as well as imports.

Why? Here Are Three Reasons


Firstly, the Universal Collision Centre uses a strict, seven-step process. We begin with a comprehensive repair plan that outlines each piece of work your vehicle requires. Then, we end with a detailed verification of each aspect of the repair process. In between, we give your vehicle attention, dedication, and experience and return it to you in pre-accident condition. At the end of the seven-step process, you can be confident nothing has been overlooked.


Secondly, our expertise is supported by our classification as a Certified Collision Care Facility. By becoming a Certified Collision Care Facility, we’ve proven our ability to repair current and next-generation vehicles to manufacturer standards. We’ve acquired the very latest equipment and training necessary to stay ahead of the curve. Our certification establishes us as an industry leader and forces other auto body shops to adopt the same standards. In time, this will improve collision repair practices and standards for all Canadians.


Finally, we hold SGI’s 3-Star Elite accreditation. This is the highest certification they offer and  all of our processes meet or exceed their standards. As a result, our customers receive additional peace of mind when they bring their vehicle for repairs.

So, if you are involved in an accident, bring your vehicle to Universal Collision Centre. You can also book an appointment with our Mobile Estimate Centre online here. The Mobile Estimate Centre will come to you to assess the extent of the damage and provide a quote on the spot.

Check us out online, give us a call at (306) 525-6000, or visit one of our two locations: Universal Collision Central, 2355 1st Avenue; or our north location at 3910 Rochdale Boulevard. We’re happy to answer your questions, and we’ll do everything we can to meet your repair needs!


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