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Certified Collision Care

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UCC is a CCC

Universal Collision Centre has always taken pride in performing the best auto body repairs. The facilities and staff are first-class, while the seven-step process governing every single repair is meticulous. Not content to rest on their laurels, UCC has received another important recognition. Recently, they’ve attained the designation of Certified Collision Care Facility.

To become a Certified Collision Care Facility, an auto body shop must meet or surpass certain guidelines. Vehicle manufacturing evolves rapidly, and auto body repair must keep the pace. Ford, for example, have begun using aluminum on their F-150 pickup. Aluminum has very different repair requirements than steel. Consequently, the CCC guidelines must focus upon the unique repair needs of new and next-generation vehicles. Certified Collision Care Facilities must have well maintained, advanced equipment – like aluminum-specific welders. Safety, customer experience, and general business standards are also required. In its entirety, the list is demanding – involving significant investment from body shop owners.

Why Do It?

Interestingly, the certification isn’t just about providing an advantage for specific auto body shops. Per Assured Performance, “The mission of the Certified Collision Care program is to raise the industry’s technical capability and business operating standards. Our objective is to ensure each repair business that is certified has what is necessary to properly and safely repair current and future vehicles.”

Obviously, the program helps the Universal Collision Centre raise their already high standard of practice. In turn, they can offer customers unique peace-of-mind. But their certification will also encourage competitors to chase the same standard of excellence. Ultimately, this will give consumers across Canada a better auto body shop experience. If Canadians can expect higher quality auto body repairs in general, the benefit of the program is clear.

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