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I  have a Ford Ranger that I take very good care of.  You can imagine my dismay when, after sitting out a week while my garage was painted, I noticed that it was well covered with spots of pine tree sap.  Some feeble attempts to clean it didn’t work. I called the Ford dealership and they forwarded me onto you guys.

I phoned and John Dolter was sympathetic and was cautious in what they could do, but suggested that I come out and he would have a look.  I went immediately and he and Eddy came out for a look and a bottle of “magic potion” They were concerned about damaging the paint and my leather box cover. They tried their “potion” and John thought because the sap was fresh that they could try it.  They took my truck in immediately and awhile later it came out looking like new, both paint and leather top.  I would like to thank John for taking the job and for Eddy’s elbow grease at working at getting the sap off.  I am more than pleased with the job and very thankful.  Good Job.

Sharon Klemk

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