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Aluminum Body Repair

Aluminum construction drastically reduces the weight of your vehicle. In terms of fuel savings, the benefit is obvious. But repairing aluminum is not like repairing traditional steel. Bring your aluminum vehicle to Universal Collision Centre to ensure that your vehicle meets its original standards of quality and safety,


The Challenges of Aluminum Repair

As a result of its inherent stiffness, body shops can easily restore steel to its original shape. Aluminum, however, is much more flexible than steel. Consequently, it can be more difficult to return aluminum to its original shape. Additionally, aluminum and steel corrode one another. Therefore, if proper precautions are not taken to avoid cross-contamination, both metals will be compromised.

Structural Repair

Fortunately, UCC offers the expertise and specialised equipment necessary to do the job right. In addition to I-CAR Certifications in structural repair, we have a unique dent extraction system. This equipment includes aluminum stud welders, heat guns, pyrometers, and aluminum hammers. Having separate equipment is especially important because aluminum and steel corrode one another. At UCC, we take every precaution to prevent cross-contamination.

Aluminum Welding

Aluminum is also a much better heat conductor than steel (approx. six times greater). As a result, it’s much more reactive to welding in general. That means technicians can’t use the same welders for both substances. At UCC, in addition to holding I-CAR aluminum welding certification, our technicians have specialized welders. Combining expertise and the appropriate tools results in only the highest quality welds in every repair.

If your vehicle is made out of aluminum, Universal Collision Centre is the only place to bring it after a collision. You won’t find better facilities and technical expertise anywhere else. We also stay ahead of the curve in our industry so that our customers can experience total peace-of-mind. Experience the difference at Universal Collision Centre.

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