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It’s inevitable that when driving rocks and particles hit your windshield and sometimes cause minor chips to large cracks. Driving around with a chipped windshield is unsafe, not only for yourself but also for other drivers on the road. Today we’ll break down what to do if and when your windshield gets cracked or chipped. 


The biggest and possibly most important factor is reduced visibility. Depending on the placement, size, and intersection of windshield damage, your visibility to see through the windshield may be compromised. If your ability to safely drive on the roads is impaired due to the crack, then it is certainly important for you to take your vehicle in and have it repaired.


A windshield has two layers. The outer layer is to protect you from the outside elements, allowing you to travel from point A to B safely. The inner layer protects you if anything were to happen to shatter the outer layer. Windshields are designed with an anti-shatter element to ensure your safety. However, acquiring additional cracks without repair can be detrimental to the efficacy of your windshield.

Depending on the placement and severity of the break or crack in the glass, moisture can get into the cracks and further compromise the integrity of your windshield. A windshield’s job is to protect you from the outer elements. When a crack occurs, the initial layer of protection is compromised, therefore making it less reliable the next time that a crack occurs. When such structural integrity has been altered, it puts you at further risk of injury if an accident were to occur. In the event that an accident does occur, your airbags could be deemed unreliable as they deploy and push off the windshield so they can protect the passengers. Windshield damage can ultimately prevent them from working and deploying properly.

Be Proactive

Moving forward, it’s important that small and large windshield cracks are addressed before they result in further damage and possibly even harm to yourself and others in the vehicle. At the first signs of a windshield crack, assess the damage and ensure that it is repaired before additional damage occurs.

Our UCC Express location located in Emerald Park can service windshield repair and replacement. In conjunction with an accident, our 2 Regina locations will service and replace or repair your windshield. Whether you live in town or out of town, we’ve got your back.  For any more information about the services we offer, or to book an appointment, give us a call at 306-525-6000.

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