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For ten years, Universal Collision Centre has been delivering the best in auto body repair. Our 40,000 square foot facility on Rochdale Boulevard has consistently delivered first-class customer service and timely repairs. Recently, it became a Certified Collision Care Facility.

Certified Collision Care

The third-party accreditation signals our ability to repair the next generation of vehicles to the highest standards in the industry. Assured Performance, who award the certifications, say “The mission of the Certified Collision Care program is to raise the industry’s technical capability and business operating standards. Our objective is to ensure each repair business that is certified has what is necessary to properly and safely repair current and future vehicles.” So, by increasing our own capacities, we increase those of the entire industry. Despite all that, having only one location has prevented us from providing convenient service to everyone in the city. However, we are now proud to promote our new location, Universal Collision Central (see what I did there?).

Universal Collision Central

Located at 2355 1st Avenue, Universal Collision Central is conveniently placed to meet the repair needs of drivers in all areas of the city. More importantly, you get the same first-class service, customer care, and parts that have become synonymous with the name UCC. We ensure that level of quality by adherence to our strict seven-step process.

  1. Repair Plan – the vehicle is dismantled and analyzed; we don’t commence work until we’ve acquired all parts
  2. Metal Repair – experienced craftsmen repair and reshape damaged metal panels and frames
  3. Filler Repair – we fill the surface and smooth to perfection
  4. Prep and Prime – we carefully mask the vehicle to prepare for paint
  5. Refinishing – we apply paints of the highest quality
  6. Reassembly – reassembly and double-checking for fit
  7. Quality Control Check – a detailed verification of the entire process 

We start with a detailed repair plan and finish with a quality control check. We review each step carefully to ensure we return your vehicle in pre-accident condition. When we return your vehicle to you, you won’t be able to tell it was ever in an accident. Of course, our new location is not the only way we’re expanding our reach.

Mobile Estimates

To further increase the range and convenience of our services we also offer a Mobile Estimate Centre. If you’re not comfortable moving your damaged vehicle, or you’re just busy, you can book an appointment with our mobile estimate van. We’ll come to your work or home, assess your vehicle’s damage, and arrange the repairs at your convenience. We also hold SGI’s 3-Star Elite accreditation. It’s the highest certification available, so you know your estimate is being performed with great experience and care.
We’re biased, but we know Universal Collision is the best place to bring your vehicle in the event of an accident. It’s easier than ever to access our world-class service, so don’t compromise on your safety or peace-of-mind.

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