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Akzo Nobel PCE Bootcamp

Last month, Universal Collision Centre hosted the AkzoNobel Process Centered Environment (PCE) team at the Rochdale & Pasqua location for a bootcamp.


AkzoNobel is a chemical company with a number of specialties. One of their brands, Sikkens, manufacturers the waterborne paint Universal Collision Centre uses in its repairs. Waterborne paints, that contain no volatile organic compounds, are much better for the environment than their solvent-based counterparts. They also deliver a clearer, more consistent coat. And, given the strong relationship between AkzoNobel and UCC, it’s no surprise that the two companies have teamed up to help educate students in Process-Centered Environment training.  

What Is a Process-Centered Environment?

The PCE theory revolves around ensuring consistency and quality in all things. The company invokes the iterability of McDonald’s fries as the golden (arches) standard. You can get the same fries in Yorkton and Tokyo. Similarly, AkzoNobel believes customers should receive a high standard of repair – no matter where they are. But auto body repair is slightly more complicated than deep-frying potatoes. Therefore, delivering high-quality service across Canada demands a lot more dedication and training.  

Akzo says that their strategy helps “demystify the jargon,” but they use a bunch of phrases like “strategic buffers,” “continuous flow,” “in-process quality,” and “real-time administration.” So, for our sake, maybe we’ll skip the jargon and get to the point. PCE training helps businesses function more efficiently and deliver better end products. Businesses use Process-Centred training in a variety of industries, but Akzo Nobel is the de facto expert on the intersection between PCE and the autobody shop. And, considering Universal Collision Centre has always been one of the very best, they make a natural partner.


Students from across Canada came to Regina to attend the PCE Bootcamp. UCC general manager, P.J. Morris commenced the training with a presentation before the group moved into the rest of the 2 1/2 days’ agenda. That involved time spent in the classroom as well as live repair demonstrations. Combining the theory behind PCE with practical application in the workplace help students better understand how to apply it in their own businesses.

Later this fall, AkzoNobel will host more PCE events at UCC, so the company can continue to improve its own stellar service. As a bonus, UCC can assist others in the industry.

Hosting these bootcamps only follows Universal Collision Centre’s other achievements like becoming the province’s first Certified Collision Care Facility, maintaining SGI’s highest level of certification, and offering a Mobile Estimate Service to save customers time. By continuously raising the bar, UCC helps push the industry toward better service in general.

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