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Summer is approaching fast and that means it’s almost road trip season! How many times have you gone on a road trip? We want to ensure that everyone is kept preoccupied and that you’re prepared for anything that may come your way. Read on for the perfect summer road trip checklist. 

Keeping Everyone Busy

Whether you’re travelling with kids or not, everyone gets bored in the car eventually. Maybe it has something to do with non-exciting scenery or the number of hours you’re stuck in one place. With a little creativity, you can make a long tedious car ride into an entertaining adventure. Here are our top 5 activities to tackle boredom of all ages:

1. Play a game

Whether you create a game using other cars’ license plates, I Spy, or you packed a game of trivia, playing a game can definitely keep you entertained for a while.

2. Prepare the perfect playlist ahead of time

This is an important one. If you have great music to listen to, generally everyone should be in good spirits. Who doesn’t love a good throwback playlist? Maybe some Disney hits? Don’t forget about interesting podcasts or audiobooks, too! 

3. Bring educational items

We admit, this one doesn’t sound like much fun, but it can be something as simple as a crossword puzzle, Sudoku, or perhaps a novel you’ve been waiting to read. You can also try counting items you see along the road: cars, colours of cars, people walking, birds, certain chain stores/buildings, etc.

4. Packing comfy items

We’re talking neck pillows, pyjamas, a blanket, anything to keep you comfy and lull yourself to sleep. Sleeping in a vehicle is never going to be as comfy as your bed, but it can sure pass a lot of time. Who doesn’t love relaxing and taking a moment to wind down? 

5. Bring electronics

Watch a downloaded movie on a phone, tablet or laptop. This can easily pass a few hours and keep you entertained for long periods of time. Just be sure to pack the necessary equipment like chargers, headphones, etc.

Plan Ahead and Stay Safe

Of course, no one ever wants to think of the worst when they’re planning a road trip, but it’s always best to prepare. If you get a flat tire or run out of gas on the highway, you’ll want to spare yourself the headache. 

Even though it’s not winter, be sure to create a safety kit for your car. It could include items such as granola bars, battery chargers, water, a first aid kit, etc. For a full list of other items to include, check Canadian Safety Supplies. 

Vehicle Maintenance

Another thing to think about before you hit the road is the vehicle itself. When was the last time you had the oil changed or other maintenance completed? Do you have up-to-date vehicle insurance? It’s a good idea to look up some repair shops along the way in case anything happens to your vehicle to eliminate as much potential stress in the future. 

Other Things To Consider

  1. Plan around construction zones
  2. Map out alternative routes just in case
  3. Consider delays in traffic if you’re going through the mountains
  4. Think about busier traffic times
  5. Will there be any holidays occurring at the destination you’re travelling to?

Relax and Have Fun

The most important thing to remember on your road trip is to have fun! You can only be so prepared and you don’t want to spend the whole time worrying about things that might happen. Keep our simple tips in mind before you travel and you’ll have a blast when you finally arrive. 

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