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It’s inevitable during the summer; you’re driving, minding your own business, jamming to Missy Elliott, and SMACK. The truck in front of you kicked up some debris and it landed perfectly to leave you with a chip in your windshield. It happens to the best of us.

First of all, don’t flip out. If it’s a small ding and you have glass coverage, your deductible will likely be waived (since it’s easier and cheaper to fix a chip than a full-fledged crack). If you don’t have glass coverage, it’s still cheaper to get it fixed quickly before it becomes a problem. Fork out the money to get it repaired sooner rather than later.

How to Care For a Chip in Your Windshield

First, your best option is to get it in for a repair. Prolonging the repair will only cause more damage (and cost you more money) down the road.

  • TAKE IT IN. Take a good look at it. If the chip has evidence of a “star” or a “cone” shape, get it fixed right away. These are the rock chips that are going to evolve into a cracked windshield.
  • DON’T DIY. Even the smallest repairs require special tools and training. A mistake during your “repair” could cause contamination and make the repair more difficult (or more expensive) later.
  • COVER IT. To prevent contamination while you get your vehicle in for a stone chip repair, place a piece of clear packing tape over the chip.
  • DO NOT WASH IT. The soap and water can contaminate the rock chip, the high-pressure spray can cause premature expansion of the crack.
  • DRIVE LESS, if possible. Driving causes a vibration in the windshield. That, combined with the elements (like extreme wind) your vehicle is exposed to, will cause the chip to spread. If you have to drive, keep it parked out of direct sunlight, and avoid major potholes (which you should try to do all the time anyway).
  • DON’T BLAST THE A/C. It’s summer now, so the temperatures will stay pretty warm. When you have the A/C blowing at full blast, sudden temperature changes will strain the windshield. If you find a chip in the winter, the heater will do the same thing.
  • DON’T SLAM THE DOORS. The vibration and pressure will cause the chip to spread sooner.
  • CHANGE YOUR WIPERS. Dirty, old wipers can lead to scratches or contaminate the chip. If your wipers are fairly new, make sure they’re clean.

Windshield Repair or Replacement?

The chip is just a chip. You’ve saved it from spreading its wings. GREAT! In this case, a quick stone chip repair will lengthen the life of your windshield and keep its structural integrity intact.

If your chip has developed into a crack, there is still hope. If the crack is less than 6 inches, we may be able to repair it. Of course, this depends on the depth, placement, and contamination. If your crack is too far gone, you will need a replacement.

If you can get in to get the stone chip fixed quickly, you will save hundreds of dollars on a new windshield (or your deductible, depending on your policy.)

Need An Appointment?

  1. Make an appointment or stop by for a free estimate at Universal Collision Centre.
  2. Bring your policy number and vehicle registration. That’s it. We take care of the paperwork and get you back on the road.

Most windshield repairs take less than an hour. Windshield replacements can take longer, about 4 hours, depending on the vehicle and features (rain-sensing wipers, for example). If you need to be somewhere during the repair, we will have a shuttle to take you anywhere in Regina and bring you back later.

Bring your auto glass repair to Universal Collision Centre. We will be happy to help get your glass crystal clear again!

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