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It’s Spring Cleaning Season! Everyone is busy decluttering their homes, cleaning up their yards, and frankly, everything in sight. We’re here to remind you about your vehicle. Get your car ready for the warm weather in Saskatchewan with these simple tips.

1. Switch Your Tires

It’s easy to forget, or maybe you’re waiting for that one last surprise snowfall, but it’s best to remove your vehicle’s winter tires when the temperature reaches 7 degrees Celcius. Summer tires begin to lose some of their grip as the temperate drops below this point, while winter tires begin to wear out and offer less response as the thermometer rises above seven degrees.

2. Bring Your Vehicle In For Service

Visit one of our neighbours at Capital Ford or Capital GMC and have your vehicle serviced. We’re talking an oil change at the very least, but perhaps a wheel alignment to stop your vehicle from shaking because of those damn potholes.

A quick inspection can ensure headlights and taillights are in working order and other small, but important things, like wiper blades to keep your vision clear on the slushy roads during spring.

3. It’s All In The Detail

It always helps to have your vehicle professionally detailed from time to time. One of those times should be in the spring. Get all the dirt and grime out of your vehicle from the winter months and start fresh for your summer road trips ahead. We can bet you’ve tracked some salt/sand into your floor mats, or maybe you have a layer of dust on the dashboard that almost needs to be chiseled off at this point.

Bring your vehicle to UCC’s Auto Spa and have our trained technicians shine up your pride and joy. Check out our detailing packages here.

4. Get Organized

Chances are, if you’re like most vehicle owners, you’ve collected some items in your car from time to time. Spring is the perfect time to go through those items and decide what you actually need to keep in the vehicle at all times. Whether it’s McDonald’s wrappers or maybe a package of Wet Wipes, it’s officially time to face the clutter and get organizing. Trust us, it’s easy to throw receipts or other papers and garbage in the side compartments of your door, but you’ve gotta go through them eventually, right?

Rejuvenate Your Ride

We hope these tips have inspired you to think about your vehicle when it comes to spring cleaning! Enjoy your fresh new ride just in time for the summer season. If you ever need any assistance or have questions about cleaning products or detailing services, give us a call!

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