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This winter has been way too long and as we finally see the snow melting and spring emerging, it can get pretty sloppy outside. With these spring conditions, your vehicle can get quite dirty on the outside and on the inside as you trail that slush and mud inside and onto your car mats. These spring cleaning and transition tips are going to ensure that your car is ready to roll into spring, clean and shiny.

Cleaning Your Exterior

When cleaning the exterior of your car, ensure that you’re getting the bottom of the vehicle and removing any built-up salt that could result in rusting or corrosion. Use a good car wash shampoo and buff out all the crevices and detailed areas that need extra attention during the cleaning process.  Cleaning the exterior is the most obvious and apparent way to clean your car, but let’s not forget about the inside. 

Cleaning Seats and Carpeting

As mentioned, spring conditions can lend a hand to a dirty interior as you track the outside conditions inside. Give your interior a nice deep clean, scrubbing the mats and seats to remove any dried up dirt or mud. If you’ve spilled some coffee over those chilly winter months, be sure to use a pretreatment stain remover to ensure you get the spot out. When cleaning, don’t forget about the console and dashboard as they also build up dirt and dust over the cold months. Using a surface cleaner should easily help you remove any overdue build up. Once you’ve deep cleaned with a solution and let the interior dry, then go in with a vacuum to clean up any excess dirt or food that may be stuck in tough spots.


Often in the winter, clothing, miscellaneous items, and junk can build up in your back seat and trunk. Spring is the perfect time to take that windshield scraper and all the other junk in the backseat inside your house and reclaim the inside of your car. 

Switch Your Tires

As the snow melts and it warms up, a great opportunity arises to switch your tires back to all-season or summer tires. As you prepare to do so, make sure that spring is here to stay. In Saskatchewan, we’ve experienced snow in April, so ensure that the snow is gone for good when you decide to make the switchback. It’s perfectly safe to drive your winter tires in “normal” spring conditions for up to a week. 

Switch Your Wipers

As previously mentioned, along with Spring comes slush. Lots of slush and dirt, all over your windshield. Your wipers work hard during the winter months and by the time spring rolls around they are usually ready for a replacement. Changing your wipers every six months will leave you with a clean windshield. 

Spring into Spring

Now that you’ve made the transition from winter to spring, your car is ready to take on the warmer and albeit rainier months. Anything that ISN’T frigidly cold winter temperatures we’ll take at this point! We know that cleaning can take time away from your day, regardless of the season, so if you’re not cleaning inclined UCC has a full-service Auto Spa that caters to small and large vehicles. 

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