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Professional Auto Detailing at UCC

Many times, we’ve discussed the toll that winter takes on your vehicle. Snow, sand, and corrosive salt can scratch your paint and accelerate rust. That’s why you should get your car washed at least once a month during winter. But you shouldn’t forget about the inside of your car. Now that the weather is turning, you should think about cleaning the inside of your car, or even spring (intentional) for professional auto detailing.

Winter Weather

In all likelihood, you’ve spent months tracking dirt and snow into your vehicle. Obviously, that’s hard on your carpets – and the rest of your vehicle’s interior surfaces. Stains and spots are common. And, with little fresh air circulating through our cars in winter, odours are common, too. Most parts of the cleanup process are pretty straightforward – assuming you have a vacuum and a cloth. But a couple tasks demand a little more care and attention.

To perfectly clean the inside your vehicle’s windows, you can’t just use water and a cloth. That will definitely help, but the grime on the inside of your vehicle’s windows is not just regular dust. It’s also comprised of chemicals released by plastic components breaking down. That’s why you should an automotive-specific glass cleaner for your windows. Spray a little onto a cloth and apply. The gross stuff should come off pretty easily.

Cleaning seats is also a bit more involved. If you have cloth seats, only use a fabric and cloth-specific cleaner. Apply a little to one area at a time – you want to clean the surface layer, not soak the cushion beneath it. Use a soft brush to scrub then wipe up the bubble with a microfibre towel. If you’re cleaning leather seats, use a leather-specific cleaner. Apply on a damp cloth, and scrub scrub gently. Wipe with another damp cloth to clear, then dry with a towel. No matter what type of seats you have, always vacuum first.

Professional Auto Detailing

Seasonally cleaning your vehicle is an important part of upkeep. However, if you want a truly spotless vehicle, professional detailing is a must. The Auto Spa has the best tools, products, and expertise and conveniently delivers a level of cleanliness you can’t achieve on your own. Also, with a proper wax and Aquapel treatment, you can add extra layers of protection against the next season’s elements.

UCC Auto Spa Services

UCC’s Auto Spa offers multiple detailing packages and individual services at competitive rates. The Gold Package ($69.75-$89.95 depending on vehicle size) includes a drive-through wash, dash and console wipe, floor and seat vacuuming and more. The Platinum and Diamond packages offer many more services including:

  • Stain/spot detailing
  • Interior window and mirror cleaning
  • Aquapel water-resistant treatment
  • Leather conditioning
  • Wheel well cleaning
  • And more

You can also choose to add additional services to any of our auto detailing packages, including:

  • Engine Clean – $20
  • Dog Hair Removal – $40
  • Seats Shampooed – $100
  • Carpet Shampooed – $100

Interested in professional auto detailing from the Auto Spa? Click to learn more about our complete list of services.

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