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The weather is finally nice enough to take your bicycle out. We understand that everyone wants to stay safe on the roads on their bicycle out and the struggle of finding good paths to take in the city. We want you to be safe out there, so we’ve compiled a list of routes, paths and safety tips to follow this season. 

Finding A Route

The City of Regina has a section on its website of pathways to use in the city for cycling, walking, running, skateboarding, rollerblading, and skiing. They have an interactive map that is colour coded to indicate which pathways are paved and cleared in winter, and which are gravel and not cleared of snow. How handy!

Staying Safe

First and foremost, you should know the rules of pedal biking in the city. It is legal to ride a bike on the sidewalk, but only if you’re a child. According to Bill Swetlikoff, school resource officer with RPS, “the rule is if your tire diameter is less than 40 centimetres you’re allowed to ride on the sidewalk.” 

If you’re riding your bicycle on the road, there are a few more rules you must follow and be aware of:

  1. Cyclists are to be treated the same as motor vehicles when they’re out on the road
  2. They must make sure to signal all of their movements and stop at all stop signs and lights just as cars do (universally, cyclists should use their left hand to signal)
  3. Bike Regina recommends vehicles allow at least 3 feet or a metre when passing a cyclist
  4. It’s not the law that you must wear a helmet but RPS highly recommends it
  5. A properly fitted helmet should fit snug on your head and you should only be able to have one finger go under the strap when it’s done up. 

Cycling News

Good news for cyclists in Regina! In a recent article from CBC Sask, the City of Regina unveiled a plan to implement 94km ok bike lanes and paths back in March 2019. The goal is to implement bike lanes and recreational bike paths. 

Unfortunately, we could all be waiting for a while. The bike paths are part of the city’s 25-year Transportation Master Plan.  

“The intent is to provide a safe, attractive and accessible option for people to get in and around the city,” said Geoff Brown, manager of infrastructure planning with the City of Regina. “It’s really about providing people with more options.”

The Spokes To My Wheels

Biking is a great alternative to driving a vehicle, especially during the warmer months in Saskatchewan. We’re always looking to keep people safe on the roads, whether you’re driving a bicycle or a vehicle, so we hope these tips helped. Will you try a new bike path this summer? 

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