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Keeping the inside and outside of your car clean is a task, even in the best of weather. So, when winter rolls around, that frigid air makes you much more hesitant to spend time in the cold cleaning your car. However, ensuring that your car is clean all year round can help improve future resale value and avoid things like heavy dirt build-up, and even help prevent rust. 

Replace Carpets

The carpets that you used in the summer just simply aren’t going to do. With snow comes slushy, salty, dirty water. Salt not only causes stains on the carpets but when the salty water soaks through, it corrodes the floor of the car. To avoid this altogether invest in some rubber mats for your driver and passenger sides. Also, buy mats for the floor of the backseat if you have or children or other passengers often riding with you. Ensure that in addition to replacing your carpets, your also vacuuming them. Even in the winter, you can still track dirt and garbage inside. 

Park Smart 

Think you’ve completely lucked out parking your vehicle in a garage? Think again. Although pleasant and warm, when you park your vehicle in a garage the melting salty slush combined with the moisture reacts and speeds up corrosion. Conversely, vehicles that are constantly outside are exposed to the harsh elements but the snow and ice stay frozen, resulting in less chance of melting and corrosion. 

Wash Often

It’s easy to forget about washing your car, especially during the winter. People often associate winter as a time when washing your car isn’t as necessary. However, that’s entirely a myth. It’s actually recommended to wash your car every 10 days, even in the winter. Getting to the car wash during the day and on days when the temperature is below zero is the most ideal. Obviously, with our winters that’s not always possible, but the warmer the better.  This allows ample time for the vehicle to dry before the temperature drops again. 

Dry Well

Ensuring that your vehicle has been thoroughly dried once its washed is important. Leaving doors closed and not properly allowing airflow to dry can result in moisture pooling. Usually, if you’re using a full-service car wash has a feature that drys your vehicle for you as you proceed through the carwash, however, that isn’t always enough. Be sure to have old rags with you to give your vehicle a quick once its washed. 

Avoid Rust

The best way to avoid rust build-up is to take precautionary measures. This obviously includes getting your vehicle cleaned regularly, inside and out, alleviating the possibility of any corrosion or rust due to salt and other substances. 

Clean as a Whistle

Given that you follow these steps, you’re on your way to ensuring a clean car all winter long! But let’s be honest, it’s easier and much more stress-free to leave your vehicle in the hands of the pros. Universal Collision also offers a full-service auto spa, where we can clean your vehicle inside out, from top to bottom, leaving your vehicle with an envy-worthy shine. 

We want to hear from you! How often do you wash your car in the winter and do you have any magic tips to keep your car sparkling clean in the colder winter months?

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