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You’re gearing up to get a new vehicle but you’re on the fence about one important decision: cloth or leather seats.  There are obviously pros and cons to each. Today we’re going to break it down and help you decide, given your needs, which option is the best choice for you.

Pros of Cloth

Cloth is great because it’s much more affordable to purchase, therefore leaving you with more customizable options. You can choose the colour and the durability of the cloth. 

Because cloth is breathable, the material regulates temperature and essentially stays the same all year round. 

Cons of Cloth

As someone who drives a vehicle that has cloth seats, I can vouch for the fact it is not very stain resistant. It essentially absorbs everything, making that spilt drink or melted chocolate a pain to get out. Sometimes even the harshest scrubbing isn’t enough to do the trick. 

Speaking of absorption, because cloth fabrics trap and absorb odours, they can be particularly hasty if you have a pet or smoke, adopting those smells, trapping them, and leaving you with a musty unpleasant smell. 

Pros of Leather

It goes without saying that leather is the sharpest option, in terms of style and appearance. In addition, their buttery, thick, and soft material provides cushion and support. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time commuting then it’s a great perk.

Leather seats are way easier to clean and much more stain-resistant. This is due to the durable nature of the material, making it an ideal material if you have young children who can be a little messy now and then. 

Cons of Leather

Picture this, it’s a plus 30-degree day in sunny Regina. You get into your vehicle and you are accompanied by the scorching feeling of your bare legs meeting the hot leather seats. If you’ve never experienced this before, then you’re in for a surprising treat! Conversely, it can have the exact opposite effects in the winter, leaving you with what feels like icicle seats. 

Saskatchewan sees a lot of sun, regardless of the season. This means that your leather seats are going to be subjected to dulling, discolour, and possibly even bleaching. With a more premium seating option, comes a more premium price tag. Because the materials itself is more expensive, and the leather itself has to go through a process of tanning and ageing, the marked-up price is subsequently higher as well. In addition to the initial high price tag, leather is high maintenance. To ensure your leather seats continue to look sharp, you’ll need to clean and condition them multiple times a year. 

So What’s It Going To Be?

Based on all the information that you’ve now gathered, you’re set to make the decision: leather or cloth. Rest assured, we know you’re definitely going to make the choice that’s best for you! 

Regardless of the material you choose, leather or fabric, accidents do happen and when they do, Univeral Collision has got your back. It’s easier and much more stress-free to leave your vehicle in the hands of the pros.  With a full-service auto spa, we can clean your vehicle inside out, from top to bottom, leaving whichever material you choose with an envy-worthy shine. 

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