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‘Tis the season for road trips! Many family members live in different cities, resulting in some hitting the road during the holiday season. We’ve compiled some tips to help keep you and your family prepared (and safe) on the highway.

Planning Ahead

It’s best practice to check the weather ahead of time if you’re planning a Christmas road trip. You don’t want to be on the road in the middle of a blizzard or freezing rain, after all. Worst-case-scenario, you may have to change your plans, but it’s always good to check weather sites for road conditions, warnings, etc.

Another great idea to plan for your road trip is to create a winter safety kit. This is a precaution in case your vehicle decides to malfunction on the side of the road. Gather a few items together in the event of an emergency and give yourself the peace-of-mind.

Here are our suggestions (but not limited to):

  • Ice scraper, snow brush, small shovel
  • Sand/salt to gain traction
  • Booster cables
  • Red flares/warning lights
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • First aid kit (with seatbelt cutter)
  • Extra clothing and footwear
  • Blankets, heat packets
  • Candle and matches
  • Towrope
  • Non-perishable food items and water (granola bars)

Check out this detailed list from Skilled Survival to ensure you’re absolutely prepared for anything thrown your way.

Do A Walk-Around

Before you begin your journey, it’s important to do a walk-around of your vehicle. It’s best to do this a few weeks before your road trip, in case you have to book your vehicle in for repairs.

You’ll want to check your fluid levels, lights, signals or for any unknown damage. Don’t forget to keep all of your documents up-to-date as well: drivers license, vehicle insurance, or any additional packages you may have.

Prevent Bordum

Road trips tend to get boring, no matter the length, so it’s best to think of some activities to keep your mind occupied. Here are some of our suggestions for kids and adults alike:

  1. Play “car games”
  2. Watch a movie (or two)
  3. Learn something new on a phone app
  4. No data/wifi? No problem. Go through old pictures and clean up your mobile device
  5. Bring snacks
  6. Share family stories
  7. Tell jokes
  8. Sing famous songs from movies

Steer Clear Of Collisions

We want you to stay safe on the road during any winter road trips and remember to be prepared. Keep a safe distance from vehicles and use common sense when it comes to driving in tricky weather conditions. From all of us at Universal Collision Centre, we hope you and your family have an awesome holiday.

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