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Everyone knows that new car smell. Heck, stores even offer air fresheners that are “new car” scent. For some, the clean smell may be too fragrant for your liking, but either way, we’re going to give you some tips to keep your vehicle smelling fresh and lasting longer. The good news is, your vehicle doesn’t have to be new to keep that great scent.

Step 1 – Keeping Clean

First off, you’ll want to ensure your vehicle is getting cleaned regularly. You can’t expect your car to smell good, and last if you’ve got hidden McDonald’s wrappers under the seats.

We’re not saying to do a deep clean every day, but a good practice would be at least every month, depending on the number of passengers, whether food is coming in and out of your vehicle, the current season you’re in, etc.

When you’re getting started, be sure to wipe down surfaces, but also do more of a deep cleaning. You can bring your vehicle to the professionals at UCC’s Auto Spa, or you can do it yourself. Keep in mind to target the upholsteries and the flooring. You should be using a vacuum before you begin washing the interior with a shampooer, and be sure not to drench everything with soapy water.

A deep clean and wash of your interior is a crucial step to make if you want to get rid of existing pesky odours. We absolutely recommend starting here.

Step 2 – Avoid Bad Odours

Bad odours usually stand out more than good ones, it’s just the way it is. If you want to avoid saying “sorry for the bad smell” to everyone who enters your vehicle, then try to keep the smellier items out of your ride. This could be as simple as removing old food, garbage, or other unnecessary items floating around.

Admit it. We’ve all ate french fries in the car. It’s almost impossible to resist sneaking a “bag fry” on your way home from picking up takeout, but this could be compromising your new car smell. It’s also very unsafe to be eating at the wheel while driving. Consider changing other lifestyle habits like eating in the vehicle or maybe leaving your stinky gym bag in the back seat. Making these minor changes could improve the overall aroma of your vehicle in the long run.

Step 3 – Choosing the Right Scents

Once your vehicle has undergone a good cleaning and you’re starting to avoid keeping smelly items in the vehicle, the final step is to find the desired scent for your car. You can choose a scent that you like best, and then get it in a few different forms. We’re talking sprays, clip-on vent air fresheners, and even those little trees that everyone hangs from their mirror.

The tree air fresheners are best kept in an area that has a lot of air circulation. The vent/dashboard fresheners are great options as well because they make direct contact with the airflow of your car. This can help generate more aroma in the interior.

Sprays are another option to improve ensure your vehicle’s clean smell is long-lasting. You may want to try a good-smelling aerosol freshener or even a perfume you like. Keep in mind, this is not a permanent solution. It helps to eliminate bad odours in a pinch, but are generally not long-lasting.

Our final suggestion is to try placing scented items throughout the vehicle. Sometimes placing a small candle under a few seats can make a difference and last quite a long time. Other items like solid fresheners also help to do the trick and can usually be found at your local dollar store.

Staying Fresh

Remember, when trying to keep that new car smell around for as long as possible, you don’t always have to rush out to buy a ton of products. A good cleaning and a change of habits could get you well on your way of keeping a great smelling vehicle. Sometimes a candle or a perfume from home is all you’ll need to conquer those bad odours. If you have any questions or would like to treat your vehicle to UCC’s Auto Spa, click here.

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