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Repair FAQ

1. What makes UCC different than other body shops?

Why choose UCC for repairs? We provide the best repairs and customer service. You don’t need to take our word for it. We hold three-star elite accreditation from SGI, the highest level of certification. SGI knows it can recommend us to customers because our track record is pristine. We’re also the first Certified Collision Care Facility in the city. That distinction is provided by an independent organisation for our early adoption of advanced processes and equipments, and our adherence to the highest industry standard.

2. Do you offer a warranty for your work?

Yes, we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our auto body repairs. We only use high-quality, approved parts, and we stand by our workmanship.

3. Why is my vehicle a total loss?

The decision to declare a vehicle a total loss is informed by the cost to repair, salvage value of damaged vehicle, market value of pre-accident vehicle, and loss of use costs. The process is transparent and fair. But, if you disagree with a repair estimate or valuation, you can file arbitration.

4. Can I choose my auto body shop?

Yes, you are free to choose the best body shop for your vehicle. Of course, UCC is a Certified Collision Care Facility with Three-Star Elite Accreditation and has a proven dedication to first-class service.

5. Will my rates go up if I submit a claim?

Questions about your rates should be directed to your insurance provider. In general, if you weren’t at fault, your rates shouldn’t go up. Information about SGI’s Safe Driver Recognition program can be found here.

6. Is my vehicle safe to drive after an accident?

The cost of a tow truck is usually included in the estimate. So, if you have concerns that your vehicle isn’t safe to drive, don’t drive it. You could put yourself in danger, or do further damage to your vehicle.

7. Will my paint match?

Yes. We only use high-quality, environmentally friendly waterborne paints to get the perfect match for your existing paint. We take pride in matching colours and ensuring that our repairs, in general, fit undamaged parts seamlessly.

8. Do you have rental vehicles?

Yes, Universal Collision Centre has partnered with Thrifty Rental to help customers while their vehicles are being repaired. Service is affordable and
customers get access to the best fleet in town.

9. Do I need an appointment for an estimate?

Yes, you need an appointment for an estimate. You can book your claim here, or schedule a visit from our Mobile Estimate Service. It can visit your office or home for an on-the-spot quote.

10. Do you repair aluminum vehicles?

Yes, we’re fully certified to repair aluminum vehicles. Because aluminum is more malleable than steel, we have separate tools and processes unique to aluminum-bodied vehicles. Your new F-150 is in good hands.

11. Can you repair my vehicle?

The answer is almost always yes. We repair domestic, luxury, and import vehicles to the same high standards.

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