We Use Waterborne Paint

What is Waterborne Paint? How is it Different?

Sikkens Waterborne PaintAt Universal Collision Centre, our experts choose only the highest quality products in every stage of the repair process. The switch from solvent-based paints to waterborne started primarily in an effort to reduce the amount of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) released during the painting process. Basically, the VOCs are a danger to soil, groundwater, and the ambient air. Some VOCs significantly contribute to global warming and cause harm to the environment. Waterborne paints, however, have only trace amounts of VOCs, meaning less harm to the environment and a more beautiful paint colour.

The switch from solvent-based paints to the waterborne was initiated primarily to reduce the amount of VOCs released during the painting process. As a customer, you won’t notice this. But you will notice that the hues produced by waterborne paint are cleaner and brighter than those of solvent-based paints. Waterborne paint options are unrivalled in terms of colour accuracy, fade-out, and cost-effectiveness. 

Sikkens Getting Colour Right

Watch the team at Sikkens Akzo Nobel create, apply and test automotive paint.

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