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As spring approaches, so does the rain. Sometimes heavy rain can be accompanied by you guessed it, hail. Hail is never ideal, especially not when your vehicle is parked outside. However, hail damage isn’t the only thing that PDR can fix. 

Did someone park too close to you and ding your car door? Been there. These situations are never ideal but unfortunately, they do happen. PDR can fix that too. The moral of the story is that dents come in all shapes and sizes, big and little, deep and shallow, and when they do, UCC has got you covered. 

What Is It? 

Paintless dent repair is essentially a process in which we can restore your vehicle to its former glory while removing a number of dents, dings, and body creases. If your damage fits within the criteria of PDR, this would be a great option for you. This technique will result in reparation without having to repaint the body, a significantly smaller bill, and it will only take a few days for repairs. 

How Does It Work? 

Our trusted technicians will assess the level of damage that is present on your vehicle, access entry to the dent, inspect it further, and then begin the process of slowly applying pressure to work out the dent. PDR is effective on both steel and aluminum body panels. A large number of dents are repairable through PDR. Thankfully this process takes days instead of weeks, ensuring that you’re back on the road and driving your vehicle again with little to no downtime.  

PDR vs. Traditional Autobody Repair

Obviously, not every dent is repairable with PDR. PDR is effective on small, medium, and large dents but only to an extent. There are dents that will be ineligible for PDR, in this case, your technician will recommend traditional autobody repair. Traditional autobody repair is more suitable for very large, deep dents and major accidents. Traditional dent repair uses body fillers to restore your vehicle to its original shape whereas PDR uses special tools to massage the dent out. If you CAN fix your vehicle using PDR, it’s definitely a great avenue to consider as it is environmentally friendly, and doesn’t use toxic fillers, primers, or paints. Saving you money and saving the planet too. 

Leave it up to the Professionals 

The internet is cluttered with a number of “hacks” and YouTube videos which promise that you can perform these repairs at your home with little material and for close to nothing in terms of price. However, you should be very cautious with these tutorials as they provide you with quick fixes that can actually leave your vehicle far worse off if not properly executed. 

The next time you have a dent or ding, book an appointment with UCC and let one of our trusted technicians assess the damage and provide further recommendations on if PDR is the right choice for you and your vehicle!

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