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Auto Detailing at the Universal Auto Spa

Auto Detailing

So, you’ve got a brand new vehicle and you want to keep it in good shape. Regular maintenance is important, but you shouldn’t neglect your car’s exterior. Keeping your car looking great can be easy. But if you’re interested in the art of auto detailing, there are a few things you should probably know.

Car Wash

Science has proven that the best way to maintain the exterior appearance of your vehicle is to wash it weekly. So, auto detailing starts with a simple wash. Dirt, dust, bug acid, salt and more get stuck to the paint and deteriorate it. Dirt particles even trap moisture to promote rust. Washing your car every week gets rid of the harmful particles and protect not only the aesthetic appeal of your ride, but also your investment.

You can wash your vehicle at home, but, unless you’re an efficient wash master, you will waste a significant amount of water. In fact, it’s estimated that home washing consumes nearly five times more water than professional facilities. Obviously, that’s not great for the environment. Plus, your untreated soaps go down the drain and pollute the environment. The best option for your car is to use a professional car wash service that hand washes. Hand washing is significantly less damaging to your car’s paint and uses less water.

When you bring your vehicle to the Universal Auto Spa, you get the very best of everything. We use eco-friendly cleaning substances, we only hand wash. We also treat the water after it leaves our facility, further reducing the environmental impact. To finish things off, we offer first class car wax applications.

Car Wax

For some drivers it can be very frustrating to feel like a vehicle will never look as good as it did in the showroom. To fight the inevitable degradation of time, one of the best options is wax. At the Universal Auto Spa we can give your vehicle a professional, inexpensive wax. Once we’re finished, your vehicle will look its best. But, applying wax to your vehicle isn’t just about looking good.

In Saskatchewan, your car has to contend not only with bugs, bird mess, and harsh soaps but also with snow, ice, sand, salt, mud and rust. Wax prevents those harmful materials from sticking to or penetrating your vehicle’s paint. Remember (or learn for the first time!), the paint on your car is less than five-thousands (.005) of an inch thick. That means there isn’t very much material protecting your vehicle’s body. Wax gives you a bit of a thicker shield, and also makes your vehicle easier to wash.


If you don’t even have any paint to protect, you can bring your vehicle to universal Collision Centre for a first-class paint job. We only use the highest quality, waterborne paint. First, waterborne paints emit drastically fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are detrimental to the environment. Second, the hues produced by waterborne paint are cleaner and brighter than those of solvent-based paints. We also cover the floor of our paint booth with PIG Grippy Mat. Grippy Mat traps debris and overspray in the air, reducing paint contamination by up to 50%. We’re the only shop in Saskatchewan to use the system, so you won’t find a purer application of paint anywhere else.

We hope these auto detailing tips have been helpful. If you have any of your own, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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