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The votes are in. CAA Saskatchewan has completed their list of Saskatchewan’s ten worst roads.

Explore the worst roads in Saskatchewan.

The Worst Roads in Saskatchewan

This year, CAA received 6,496 votes. That’s a record for CAA’s campaign. While you may harbour a passionate hatred for Victoria Avenue, none of the roads on CAA’s list are from any of Saskatchewan’s major cities. Evidently, there are remote stretches of asphalt (and dirt) in states of much worse neglect. But before we look at exactly which stretches those are, we should look at what makes a road “the worst.”

Making the Worst Road

The spirit of the “competition” is to shine a spotlight on areas of the provincial infrastructure in need of renovation. Hopefully, some of the worst roads in Saskatchewan can become, at least, tolerable.
Per CAA, “Worst roads have potholes, cracks, are in general disrepair, have no or poor signage, roads with little or no shoulder space or roads that are too narrow for motorists and cyclists to share safely.”

#1 Saskatchewan 155 From Green Lake to La Loche
#2 Saskatchewan 354 From Bethune, north toward Dilke
#3 Highway 21 North from Paradise Hill
#4 Saskatchewan 47 West from Springside
#5 Saskatchewan 26 North and South from Loon Lake
#6 Saskatchewan 255 North from Nipawin to Tobin Lake
#7 Saskatchewan 35 North from Love to Tobin Lake, and south to Nipawin
#8 2nd Avenue South Hepburn
#9 Saskatchewan 322 Northwest and southeast from Silton
#10 Saskatchewan 51 East and west from Kerrobert

The number three highway on the list, Highway 21, received 10% of overall votes. But the two roads above it, SK-354 and SK-155 received a staggering 21.6% and 22.1% respectively.

Worst Road Trip?

“The results of the CAA Top Ten Worst Roads for 2017 will be shared with government officials and departments including the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure. As Saskatchewan is a land-locked province with a total road surface of 160,000 km including municipal roads and 26,000 km of provincial highways, we know there is always work to be on done to keep roads and highways safe. Working towards better roads and safety for all types of road users is a priority for CAA Saskatchewan.”

However, don’t count on these roads being fixed anytime soon. Half of them have appeared on CAA’s list before. So, if you’re heading north, or visiting one of Saskatchewan’s provincial parks this summer, you may encounter one of these dreaded stretches of highway. Even if you’re not, you’ll still have to grapple with Regina’s worst roads. And if a pothole (or worse) gets the better of your vehicle, the first thing you should do is bring it to Universal Collision Centre. Second, write down the name of the street, so you can nominate it for next year’s contest.

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