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We all know there are some strange laws out there and Canada is no exception. Here are some of the weirdest Canadian driving laws we found on the internet. Frome driving barefoot, to mandatory honking, some provinces really have some “different” rules for the road.

5. Driving Barefoot Is Legal

We know we’re about to head into the winter months and you probably won’t be leaving the house without boots or shoes at the very least, but it’s always been a common misconception that it’s illegal to drive without shoes.

According to Go Auto, this law is a myth! You can wear whatever footwear you choose: flip-flops, heels, or barefoot! We’re not condoning this by any means, and we certainly recommend you wear proper shoes to ensure safe driving habits. If you don’t want to be in an accident, just wear shoes. Besides, where are you going that you won’t need shoes when you get there? Even people at the beach will need shoes at some point!

4. Short Attire

According to a specific bylaw in Halifax, if you see a cab driver wearing a t-shirt and cut-off shorts, they’re breaking the law!

The bylaw outlines a specific uniform for the drivers that includes: “a shirt or military-type blouse with a collar and sleeves,” says Along with “ankle-length trousers or dress shorts which are worn within at least three inches of the knee.” Talk about strict guidelines! We’re not sure how clothing can affect one’s driving unless it’s physically stopping them from driving or creating unsafe driving conditions.

You’ll have to look twice at your cabdrivers outfit before you take a cab ride in Halifax next!  

3. Criminal Sale

If you live in Montreal and you’re planning on selling your vehicle privately, DO NOT place a for sale sign in the window – that is if you plan on driving the vehicle. states it’s illegal to drive a vehicle with a for sale sign in any window in Montreal. We can see the intent: big sign + not being able to see = vehicle collision. But we don’t see the harm in posting a small sign in a non-dominant window that won’t obstruct your vision while driving! Strange.

2. Honk Honk

Another unique driving law from Go Auto: drivers are technically supposed to honk before passing other vehicles on the road in P.E.I. I’ve never been lucky enough to visit, but apparently, most people don’t bother with this law. Chances are, you won’t be given a ticket if you aren’t abiding by this weird driving law.

I can see the benefit in honking, several other cities in the world actually practice this (by law?) and it’s to make your presence known on the road. Perhaps it’s a good idea in bigger cities with several lanes on a large highway to use your horn more frequently than we would in small towns and cities on the Prairies.

1. Not the law, but still ticket-able

Did you know, that EVERYWHERE in Canada you could be ticketed for not obeying yellow traffic signs? These little signs of guidance on roads, specifically curves and exits, are for suggested safe speeds. If you ignore them, you could get fined for careless driving or similar charges.

The Globe & Mail reports: “We cannot just close our eyes and say we can’t do anything because these are just recommendations,” said Sgt. Audrey-Anne Bilodeau, Sûreté du Québec spokesperson. “Even if there’s no collision but he’s driving dangerously for the road conditions, police officers can press charges.”

Weird Canadians

It truly is bizarre to think of how certain driving laws ever came to be. What were people thinking back when these laws came into effect? Let us know if you can think of any other weird driving laws – Canadian or not.


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