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Staying Safe On the Road this Summer

Road trip season is officially upon us and that means packing up the vehicle and hitting the open road with your friends and family. There’s plenty of things to discuss before you go on a road trip like what destinations you want to stop at, planning your route and any reservations you’ll need to book. While all those things are important, we’re here to discuss safety on the road during your summer travels.

Planning Ahead – Preparing A Safety Kit

We’re not sure how many Canadians keep a safety kit in their vehicle (in the summer or winter) but we can’t stress enough how important it is to have one. You may have heard this speech on the news during coverage of a snowstorm reminding you to keep a shovel in your safety kit. These kits are also relevant and crucial in the summertime.

Items to keep in a summer vehicle safety kit:

  1. A first aid kit that has band-aids, alcohol swabs, etc.
  2. Cell phone charger
  3. Small flashlight
  4. Whistle
  5. Change of clothes
  6. A Blanket
  7. Food that won’t perish and water
  8. Roadmap
  9. Jumper cables, tow rope, fire extinguisher
  10. Multi-purpose vehicle tool that can be used on most parts

Vehicle Condition

It may seem obvious to do a walk-around of your vehicle before you take off, but there are other things to check at least a few weeks before your planned vacation in case you need to book a service appointment. It would be beneficial to check things like:

  1. Windshield


If you have any cracks or chips, you’ll want to get these repaired before you leave. The last thing you’ll want is another stone chip or take the risk of having your windshield completely shattered on the highway. It’s also an integral part of your vehicle and it could be extremely dangerous if an animal comes into contact with a cracked windshield.  

2. Headlights


You should take a look at your headlights in the day and nighttime to ensure they’re properly aligned and working to their full potential. If you get caught in the dark or continue driving through the night, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is dull headlights and not being able to see. Plus, you could get in trouble from local police for any headlight issues. It’s best to give it a quick check before the trip.

  1. Tires

Checking your tire pressure should seem obvious, but you’ll want to go beyond that. Dig a little deeper and check other tire-related things you may not notice on a regular basis like lug nuts, any rips or damage, or possibly a wheel alignment if necessary. Your vehicle should be sturdy and well maintained before you start driving for long periods of time.

The Long Road Ahead

Once you take a quick inspection of your vehicle and take it in for any service appointments it may need, be sure to top off any fluids like oil and wiper fluid. Other non-vehicle-related tips we have: make a great playlist, stock up on snacks, pack a fun game to pass the time. Have fun and be safe!

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