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So you decided to take a summer road trip and now you’re left with remnants of all kinds of bugs on your hood, bumper and windshield? Maybe even the side view mirrors and other unthinkable areas? They’re annoying, but our experts from the Auto Spa are here to give some tips to get your car shiny clean again. 

Deal With the Mess Sooner Rather Than Later

Getting bug guts all over your vehicle is never a pretty sight. If you take care of them quickly and properly, they’re no problem at all! Unfortunately, the longer you leave the mess, the more difficult it will be to remove them and they can be damaging your paint job. It’s pretty gross, but as insect remains decompose, they produce enzymes intended to break down the carcass. 

Choosing the Best Cleaner

If the spot is relatively fresh, you can use a microfiber cloth and quick detailer solution to wipe the paint clean. This is ideal because you won’t be removing any existing wax on your vehicle. 

If the spot is not fresh and you have several bugs scattered across your bumper and windshield, thorough action is needed. First, choose a bug remover. You’ll want to soak the bug-stained areas with cleaning product so you will have to either visit a self-serve car wash or use a hose at home once this step is complete. 

It helps to use a dampen a cloth with the cleaning product and lay it over the affected area for a few minutes to loosen up the tougher areas.

Get Scrubbing

Using a microfiber cloth or a bug sponge, firmly wipe off the cleaner and the bugs should come with it. If some spots are being stubborn and not coming off, you may need to apply more cleaning product to the area and let it sit for another minute or so.

Washing Your Vehicle

Once you’re done scrubbing the cleaner from the bug splattered areas of your vehicle, it’s time to wash it as you normally would. Use a bucket with some cleaning product, a sponge, and then finish off by drying with a safe cloth or take your vehicle to a self-serve car wash to complete the job. 

If you’re manually washing your vehicle yourself, be sure to use clean towels and a fresh bucket of soap and water to avoid causing scratches or damage to your paint job. 

We recommend finishing the entire job by applying wax when your vehicle is completely dry to ensure the ultimate protection. 

Preventative Maintenance

If you’re interested in applying a high-quality wax after removing bug guts or other problematic things like tar, tree sap, etc, to prevent such a lengthy process in the future, look for a slick one.

Insects will have a tough time sticking to a slippery bumper and if they do manage to stick, their bond is often much weaker because there is no surface tension. We recommend taking a look at Consumer Reports’ list of car waxes to find an awesome solution. 

If all of this seems like too much of a hassle to take care of on your own, we’re always more than happy to see you at UCC’s Auto Spa. We take care of bug guts and other tough spots all the time. Book an appointment today! 

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