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Today we’re going to tell you everything that you need to know about vehicle detailing..and then some! We’ll answer how often you should get your vehicle detailed and discuss which package is best suited for your vehicle and your lifestyle. Come along for the clean! 

So How Thorough Is It? 

Getting your vehicle detailed ensures that you are properly preserving the interior and exterior integrity of your vehicle! It also helps to maintain the value of your vehicle. Detailing your vehicle shouldn’t be confused with a standard car wash, as there are a number of differences. When you get your vehicle professionally detailed you are receiving a superior level of cleaning that is achieved by a precise attention to detail and through the use of a number of cleaning techniques that we’ve implemented. 

Is It Necessary? 

To be honest, when it comes to detailing your vehicle there is no hard and fast number of times that are crucial to maintain your vehicle as each person’s driving habits vary drastically. We at UCC recommend three times per year! If you drive a truck in a number of different conditions including rain, dust, dirt, and spend a lot of time commuting, you’ll want to be getting your vehicle detailed much more often than someone who drives a car and spends minimal time commuting. 

Our various packages will help you get a better idea of which might be the best for you! For example, the high maintenance truck would typically require the Diamond Package 3-4  times per year whereas the low maintenance car may only require the Gold Package 3 times per year. 

Premium Packages 

At UCC, our Auto Spa has a number of packages that are tailored specifically to your vehicle’s individual needs! With three options for both large vehicles and cars, you are able to choose! 

Large Vehicle and Car Packages

Do you have a car, van, truck or SUV that needs detailing? We have three distinct packages that you can choose from based on the level of clean that you’re looking for! 

  • Gold Package: This is our most standard package that includes your basic cleaning of the interior and exterior of your vehicle.
    • $60.75 for Cars 
    • $89.75 for Trucks and SUVs
  • Platinum Package: This package includes your standard interior and exterior clean plus the detailing of minor stains or spots. In this package they also clean your mirrors, windows, and wheel wells. 
    • $99.95 for Cars
    • $149.95 for Trucks and SUVs
  • Diamond Package: This package includes the most thorough cleaning process but goes the extra mile by shampooing and detailing your engine, your leather seats, a rim polishing and an aquapel treatment applied to the windshield.
    • $199.95 for Cars
    •  $249.75 for Trucks and SUVs

The Extra Mile

We also offer a number of additional services that ensure no detail is overlooked! From dog hair removal to spray wax, and more! We’ve got you covered.

Do you manage a team of fleet vehicles? Those will need to get cleaned too! We are more than happy to cater to your fleet needs! 

Clean & Shiny

Regardless of the season, our team at the Auto Spa will ensure that your vehicle is shining from the inside out!

For any more questions about our process, or to book an appointment at our Auto Spa, call us at (306)525-6000 or visit us at one of our 3 convenient locations.

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