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Fall is in the air! If it’s not evident by looking at the changing colours of the leaves, the crisp morning air will do the trick! With new seasons, comes new driving tips and tricks to be on the lookout for! Today, we’ll break down driving tips that will make for a safe and smooth transition!

Shorter Days

Not a night driver? We get that, but the days are about to become a lot shorter, which means that our night driving hours are going to become a lot longer! Always make sure that you’re turning your headlights on if you don’t have automatic headlights and get help doing a safety check to make sure that all of your headlights and tail lights are properly working! 

Pro tip: always have your sunnies on hand! Those earlier sunsets may just creep up on you on the way home from your daily commute!

Deer Crossing

Watch for deer! If you commute from Emerald Park, Lumsden,  Moose Jaw, or anywhere else, you know that it’s the season! Highway driving will usually indicate heavier trafficked deer crossing areas and for how long to expect them. Just as other drivers, deer can be unpredictable and come out of nowhere. You’re most likely to find them in the early morning and late evening. It’s important to be cognizant of this. If and when you do come across a deer, slow down and be on the lookout for others that may be following along and travelling together. 

Freezing Temperatures

In the early stages of fall, we still have some beautifully warm days, however overnight we’re often reaching very low if not freezing temperatures. With that being said, when you’re up early to head to work during those chilly mornings, always ensure that you have a scraper /brush in tow! If you need to scrape, do it! 

Rain, mud, snow, wet leaves…we’ve practically seen it in all driving during our Saskatchewan falls. Also, be mindful that the roads may be a bit slick and to slow down to an appropriate comfortable speed to adjust to the altered conditions. With the combination of rain and fallen leaves, plus freezing temperatures, slow and steady wins the race. 

Tire Pressure

The drop in temperature can also be seen and felt in your tires. The decrease in weather temperatures and conditions results in your tires expanding and contracting. Check your tires regularly to ensure that they’re at the proper inflation pressure for the current season! 

School’s On

Elementary and high school students just finished up their first week of school! From here on out, you’ll see a large increase in foot traffic around schools and within residential neighbourhoods! Always make sure that you’re slowing down to 30km and are on the lookout for children crossing the road! 

Stay Safe This Fall 

We hope these tips will help you get prepared for the season ahead! Stay safe and enjoy the changing of the seasons!

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