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Fall is well underway and we’re about to head into the long winter months. Saskatchewan weather is weird during September and October and we’re here to give you a few tips to stay safe on the road – no matter what the autumn weather might throw at you.

Rain Rain Go Away

Honestly, rain could hit you during any season, so this is your reminder to practice your safe driving in slippery conditions. Be sure to maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you. The roads may be slippery and you could be at a higher risk of hydroplaning.

*Pro Tip: The mornings could be especially foggy, so it’s best to make use of your low beams or fog lights.  The fog light button usually looks like this:

October can bring lots of rain and thunderstorms but it can also bring snow in most of Saskatchewan, and it has in recent years. Think back to all the years you celebrated Halloween and had to ruin your costume wearing your winter parka!

Whether you’re excited or disappointed by the snow’s early arrival, the point is to plan ahead. If you know it’s going to wet, rainy, or possibly slushy, plan more time for your commute. We cannot stress this enough. If you’re in a rush while you’re heading to work, you won’t be able to drive as slow or with caution to ensure you don’t hit anything. That’s why people always say “why does every drive like idiots when it snows?” It’s because no one is used to leaving early or driving slower than usual.

Leaf Me Alone

Why is fall called “fall”? Probably because the leaves are falling off the trees, of course! Often times leaves are wet from rain or morning mildew – which is great for allergies (just kidding). While driving over these clumps of wet leaves, just be sure to drive slowly and avoid hard braking.

That leads us to our next point; fallen leaves may be blocking or hiding certain road markings such as lane lines or other warnings. Pay attention to the edge of the road and be extra cautious to stay in your lane.

Animals Crossing

Animals tend to be restless during season changes. They’re looking for food, warm places to hide, or possibly going to hibernate. Be extra careful while driving in open field areas, especially during the nighttime, as animals may be crossing the road. Fall is also breeding season for deer, so they are also known to be more active and could be crossing highways to find a mate. Keep an eye out for specific deer crossing signs and safely use your high-beams at night.


With the beautiful colour changes, the fall season also brings shorter daylight hours. If you’re planning on going out in the evening, try to avoid driving during dusk. You know what it’s like when it’s not too dark, but not too sunny and it seems to mess with your eyes? It’s not a nice feeling when you’re driving and it can also be dangerous. Check a local weather website before you head on the road to see sunset timings. We suggest either driving in the daylight or during the nighttime when you can turn on your headlights.

All Cleared Up

Being in a collision is never fun and it can be very overwhelming, especially if you’re in a rush on your way to work or an important function. It’s embarrassing and it’s a pretty big day-ruiner when you have to get out of your vehicle and confront another driver – at fault or not. It can be equally as frustrating to bring your vehicle to a repair shop and you can’t understand what your technician is telling you or what you’re money is going towards.

At UCC, we strive to keep the process as uncomplicated as possible and keep your stress at bay. We know you’re probably not coming to us in a good mood, so our goal is to make sure you leave happy with your vehicle looking great again. If you ever have any questions or don’t understand something, we hope that you ask the friendly staff at UCC to explain. We don’t mind to stop and clarify some of the confusing terms we use every day. Be sure to visit one of our two locations for all your vehicle repairs!

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