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There’s a lot of myths out there about what you should and shouldn’t do with your vehicle. Often most people blindly follow because they themselves don’t have enough vehicle knowledge to debunk it. Well no worries, today we’re going to break down the top car myths, giving you peace of mind and hopefully helping you learn a couple of things along the way.

You Don’t Need an Oil Change 

Some people believe this statement to be true, and those who do, have probably had a really bad experience that led to vehicle malfunctions or engine failure because this statement is TOTALLY false. Oil changes are vital to your vehicle’s engine. Oil and filter changes help to reduce the number of particles and sediment and keep your engine in tip-top shape. 

Get an Oil Change for every 4,800 kilometres

It has been said that you should be getting an oil change every 4,800 kilometres that are driven on your vehicle. However, this is entirely not true anymore. As the oil that we use now is synthetically made and therefore designed to withstand a longer amount of time, one can go up to 16,000km before you need another oil change. Essentially as long as you’re getting your oiled changed twice a year you’ll be set!

Warming Up the Engine

This is a tale as old as time, especially before the days of command start. People were always speaking of the importance of starting your car and “warming up the engine.” This thought is entirely false and is suggested more as a means for warming up the inside of the vehicle and allowing the windshield and windows to defrost so you’re not shivering on your way to work. The thought of literally warming your engine as if it would result in better driving ability is not true at all.

Better Fuel= A Better Running Engine 

The next time you pull up to the gas station and you’re trying to decide which choice of gasoline you’re going to choose, regular or premium, think about what type of vehicle you have. If you’re driving a Kia Soul you probably don’t need to splurge on that premium gas, meanwhile, if you’re driving a BMW you should probably splurge and pay those additional few cents per litre on the premium gas. Premium gas is less combustible which results in it working better for powerful engines. You don’t need a higher octane fuel if your car doesn’t call for one. It’s all relative based on the engine that your vehicle is running on. 

There Aren’t Enough Charging Stations to go Hybrid/Electric

I’ve heard this particular statement a lot lately as we see an increase in the number of electric vehicles in Regina. However, this may not actually be the case. There are actually 25 charging stations in a 15km radius of Regina, making our city and surrounding increasingly more electric vehicle-friendly. If you’re looking for more details about where you can charge your EV in Regina, or anywhere in North America, check out Charge Hub.


Now that we’ve discredited the most common car myths you’re all set to challenge your family and friends the next time they tell you you need to “warm your engine” before you leave in the winter.

We want to hear from you! Are there any crazy car myths that you’ve heard of that we missed? Comment below! 

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