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It’s officially car washing season with all this slush and loose gravel/sand on the roads in Saskatchewan. When it comes to washing vehicles, there are countless questions.

Can I use this product or will it ruin my car?

What’s the best way to remove a stain?

We’re here to answer all those questions so you can safely detail your vehicle just in time for spring!

1. Best time of day to wash your vehicle

This may seem like a strange question and ultimately, you can wash your vehicle whenever you want to. There has been some speculation that there are better times than others to wash your vehicle and most people say being in the dark is the best and here’s why:

Washing your vehicle in the sunlight has its downfalls. If our vehicle’s surface is too hot, shampoo can dry too quickly and could possibly cause stains. It’s always best to wash your vehicle out of the direct sun. Try washing your vehicle in the shade or at night with a dry lint-free rag to ensure proper drying conditions.

2. Should you wash your vehicle on a windy day?

This one should be obvious, but surprisingly it appears on Google when you search car washes.

Try to avoid washing your vehicle in windy conditions. Whether you’re using a pressure washer on your driveway, or the wind is blowing up grit and dirt, it’s best to wash your vehicle on another day. Sometimes, you could be waiting a while in Saskatchewan!

3. The best way to get debris/stains out of carpet

You may be facing the problem of getting stubborn dirt/stains out of your vehicle’s carpets no matter how much you vacuum. Try these helpful steps:

Try spraying your mats first with a heavy duty cleaner (use with caution and in short time frames). Also, ensure that it’s safe for the fabric you’re spraying it on. Cover the carpet with a good coat. This will help get stains out.

Next, fill a bucket with a mild soap. Laundry detergent or a low-grade car washing soap can be used to make the water sudsy. Then get a brush with short bristles and scrub the carpet.

Finally, use a wet/dry shop vacuum and be sure to vacuum up all the water and suds in your carpet. If you don’t get it all, your vehicle could be smelling musty in a few days.

More To Come

Washing your vehicle is a pain, but we all have to do it and the more frequent, the better. No one wants to spend hours scrubbing their car, but sometimes it happens. We have more tips to bring you, so stay tuned for a followup blog featuring some of the best car cleaning products to use. And remember, if you ever need help (or you don’t want to spend the time) we can professionally detail your vehicle for you! 😉

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