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Well it seems as though Christmas came early this year! With the heavy snowfall that we saw in late October, it feels like winter may be here to stay. With all that snow comes dangerous and unpredictable driving conditions. From icy roads to blowing snow, drivers need to be aware of a few key variables to ensure they’re driving safely throughout our long Saskatchewan winters. 

1. Winter Tires

With our first big snowfall coming so early this year, many people have yet to switch over their all-season tires to winter tires. What comes with not having the proper tires? Accidents. Winter tires are one of the most important and effective ways of ensuring you’re practising safe driving. Switching to winter tires proves to be very advantageous, in fact many provinces have implemented laws that require drivers have mandatory winter tires.

2. Scraping and Brushing Your Vehicle

We’ve all been in a situation where you’re in a hurry and may not have enough time to properly scrape your windows and brush the snow off. However, taking a quick 1-3 minutes to do so can be very effective in practising safe driving. Snow and ice buildup on headlights and windows can decrease your visibility of others and subsequently other drivers’ visibility of you.

3. Avoid Distractions

Distracted driving is never smart, regardless of the season, but even more so in the winter. Icy road conditions and blowing snow heightens the risks associated with distracted driving and auto collisions. Using alternatives such as built-in Bluetooth and hands-free driving tools are great ways to stay engaged and focused while on the road. 

4. Drive Slower and Leave Yourself Extra Time

It goes without saying that winter driving conditions warrant driving a little bit slower. Racing to work during an icy winter morning increases the risk of sliding through intersections and pumping the brakes in a fury. Driving slower ultimately promotes safety during your daily commute!

5. Fill Up Your Tank:

We all know how fast the tank runs out in the winter. You’ve just filled up and suddenly it’s time to head back to the gas station. Ensuring that you’re tank is always topped up will reduce the risk of stress caused by your car not starting or running on empty until it’s time to call the tow truck. Keep your tank full and always fill up when you have a chance. 

UCC Is Always Here For You

When all is said and done, sometimes accidents do happen. When they do, Universal Collision Centre will be there for you, ensuring you’re back on the road in no time. Be sure to check out the rest of our website or give us a call for any future inquiries and remember to drive safely this winter!

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