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Universal Collision Centre

An ELITE Auto Body Shop & Collision Centre in Regina, SK

Repairing your vehicle back to factory standards.

Regina Auto Body Collision Centre

Our auto body shop located in Regina, SK has over 40,000 square feet of space. We can take on a lot of work in a day, so your vehicle will be repaired sooner!

In addition, we have the amazing Universal Auto Spa taking care of detailing your vehicle.

In order to serve our customers best, we need a large, dedicated staff. From quality control and production managers to parts managers and repair planners, our team is continuing to grow. Working as a liaison between our team and customers are our Collision Repair Advisors. These courteous and energetic employees are here to plan and explain the process to you, as well as translate any technical jargon you may hear.

Universal Collision Centre provides top-notch service and a positive experience. Our journeyman and apprentice technicians work hard to ensure your vehicle is repaired to meet factory standards.

You and your vehicle will be taken care of throughout the entire process, from start to finish.

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Helpful tips to follow after a vehicle accident

  • HAD AN ACCIDENT?Helpful tips to follow after a vehicle accidentAlthough car accidents are more prevalent in the winter months, a fender bender can happen anytime. No matter the time of year, what you should do after an accident never changes:
    1. Make sure no one is injured. Call 911 immediately to report any injuries. Do not move the vehicles until police arrive or not at all if there needs to be an investigation to help police determine what happened.
    2. If there are no injuries, simply move the vehicles to the side of the road.
    3. If there is excessive damage, call the police (not 911) to report the accident.
    4. Exchange information with the other driver. Name, phone number, licence number, and licence plate are the best. You can also jot down the make. model, and colour of the vehicle, as well as any visible damage.
    5. Determine the extent of the damage. Stay calm and examine the damage caused by the accident. Smartphones are a great way to capture pictures of the accident.
    6. Discuss the accident only with police. Avoid discussing with other witnesses as it can cause confusion about what really happened for yourself and others.
    7. Make a personal record. Put all the information you received at the scene into a comprehensive, written record. Write down everything from the weather and road conditions to how the accident happened. Include a diagram if it helps or take pictures with your cell phone; this will help you file an accurate claim with SGI.
    8. Make your claim. Call SGI at 1-800-647-6448 or visit their website to complete an online claim.

    When your vehicle is examined by SGI Claims, you will receive an estimate for repairs. Bring that estimate to Universal Collision Centre to book your repairs. We have a great working partnership with SGI.

    We can help answer any accident- or repair-related questions you may have, even help set up a car rental. We understand it’s a stressful time and we strive to make it easier for you. Call us locally at 306-525-6000 or toll free at 1-888-484-9UCC (9822).

    Factory Fresh

    We’re in the auto body and collision repair business, but we would rather see your vehicle undamaged and spotless than in our shop with scrapes, bruises, or missing pieces. When you do find yourself in this unfortunate circumstance, trust Universal Collision Centre to repair your vehicle back to its wonderful, pre-accident glory. Be sure to check out our tips to help after an accident.

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Our guaranteed workmanship and factory approved repairs are just a few reasons why thousands of customers have chosen the professionals at Universal Collision Centre.