Smartphone Apps for Drivers


OneTap—End Distracted Driving

Distracted driviOneTap Appng is a very modern problem. But if one tap is all it takes to cause an accident, maybe one tap is all it takes to prevent it.

OneTap makes the road a safer place to be by reducing accident-causing distractions from your phone. But OneTap doesn’t just block alerts, it intelligently manages calls, texts and notifications—it’s like having a personal assistant while you drive. OneTap auto-responds to calls and texts, letting people know you’re behind the wheel, and it lets emergency calls come through, so you don’t have to worry about missing something really urgent.

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• Prevent distractions from calls, texts, and alerts
• Activate manually, or let it detect when you’re driving and turn on automatically
• Easily review collected alerts when you arrive at your destination
• Track your driving habits and be safer behind the wheel
• Keep on eye on your family’s distracted driving
• Send and receive urgent calls and messages—OneTap will notify you when you should pull over to receive an important message

Canadian Driving Tests

Canadian Driving Test App

***#1 Ranked Driving Test App in Canada for both Android and Apple!***
***#1 Ranked Trending Education App!***
***#2 Ranked Education App!***
Do you have a driving test coming up for any Canadian province or territory? This is the app for you! The Canadian Driving Tests app is the ultimate tool to learn the rules, signs, and laws of the road to pass any Canadian driving test.

✓ 3200+ province-specific questions and answers covering all signs and rules
✓ Practice questions and test formats
✓ Questions are randomly generated, creating unique tests every time!
✓ Questions are up to date and very challenging!
✓ Official handbooks for every province and territory
✓ This app does not require the internet, so you can use it anytime, anywhere, including on your way to the test!

This app is for general information purposes only. This app is not intended to be relied upon in any dispute, claim, action, proceeding or for legal advice. For official law descriptions and administrative centers, please consult the respective provincial or territory body.

It is also highly recommended that new drivers take an approved driver education course to learn the rules and laws of the road, and to develop responsible driving habits.


MMGuardian Parental Control

MMGuardian AppThis app is very useful and ideal for the parents with driving teens whose smartphones can be controlled from the parents’ phones without needing to install the app. A number of features can block out phone calls, text messages, and even lock the phone during a set schedule.





#TAXI Mobile App #TAXI has never been easier to use, thanks to our new mobile apps for various Smartphones. Clicking on the app launches a call that uses the smart phone’s GPS coordinates to immediately connect you to the best cab company based on your location and time of call. Best of all, our apps are free to download!